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Love Walked In

(Ira Gershwin and George Gershwin)

Introdução: C Am7 Dm7/9 G7 

C       C7M   C#dim Dm  Dm7 E7 Bb6 D7 Dm D7  
Nothing seemed to   matter   anymore  
F6          Bm5-/7 E7/13- A7/13+  F7 Bb  C  
Didn care what   I      was     headed  for 
Gm7           C7   F7M F6 
Time was standing still  
Fm7               E7M G9 
Nothing counted till  
        C     C7M   C#dim   Dm7 Bb7/13- D7  G7 C    Dm7 G7 G7/13-  
There came a knock, knock, knocking     at the door 
C    Am7      Am7/G     D      D7     G7 
Love walked right in and drove the shadows away 
C     Am7     Am7/G    D7       Cdim    G7 
Love walked right in and brought my sunniest day 
C   C7     F            Dm7 
One magic moment and my heart seemed to know 
  Em7       A7         F   Dm7      G   G7 
That love said "Hello" though not a word was spoken 
C    Am7  Am7/G  D           D7      G7 
One look and  I  forgot the gloom of the past 
C    Am7    Am7/G     D7      Cdim       G7 
One look and  I  had found my future at last 
C    C7       F     Dm7     Em7    A7 
One look and I had found a world completely new 
  Dm7  Cm5-/7  Fdim   G7   C 
When love walked in with you 

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