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Feel That Fire Acordes

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Feel That Fire


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e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------6-------6---------------------| D|-------6--------6--------4--------4---------6-------6---------6-----------| A|-------6--------6--------4--------4----4-4-----4-4------------6-----------| E|--4-4------4-4------2-2------2-2-------------------------4-4--------------|
Verse one: Ab she wants her nails painted black F# she wants the toy in the crackerjack C# Ab she wants to ride the bull at the rodeo Ab she wants to wear my shirt to bed F# she wants to make every stray a pet C# Ab and drive around in my truck with no place to go Chorus: Ab F# But she needs to feel that fire C# the one that lets her no for sure shes everything i want and more Ab F# C# her real desire, is to know id walk alone out on the wire Ab to make her feel that fire Verse 2: same strum pattern as verse 1 She wants a cabin in the woods She wants to stand where nobody stood And someday she wants a couple kids of her own She wants to make love on a train And some days she only wants a break Hey but she wants what she wants, but man I know I know I know Chorus Ab F# C# Yeah, feel that fire Eb Bridge: B So as long as there's a breath to take Eb A smile to share, a prayer to pray B A chance to hold her hand to fan the flame Chorus Ab She wants her nails painted black F# She wants the toy in the crackerjack C# Ab She wants to ride the bull at the rodeo the strum pattern on the intro isnt that straight out, but those are the notes... just one or two more strums of those single notes.

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