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Am I The Only One

Well it was Friday in the p.m., And just like every weekend 
I was ready to throw down, Yeah I get a little tore up 
So I call my bros up to meet me out on the town, Well wild man Willy said "I'd like to really" 
But Idol was on TV and Ray had a date, His wife and Nate quit drinking 
But he didn't tell me 

A D Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight? E Is there anybody out there who wants to have a cold beer? A Kick it to the morning light? If I have to raise hell all by myself D I will but no, that ain't right E It's time to get it on A Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight?
A Well I was flying solo down to Silverado E As the joint looking like a morgue, When this country cutie with a rock & roll booty A Came strutting in through the door, Yelled "Who wants to dance" and fired up the band D With a Franklin and a shot of patron E She looked right at me and said "What's it gonna be? A Are you gonna let me to party alone?" Chorus (D-A-D-E) Chorus E Come on come on, Get your good time on A Let's have a little fun tonight

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