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Do You Know

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	  (starts by apagiating between G and E and then holds a C chord) 
There's a fire that burns in a young mans heart 
Em                                           C 
There's a raging storm in his soul 
He's tired of hearing the unborn cry 
Em                              C 
But what can he do alone 
Am                                     Em 
He can raise the voice of injustice 
.           F                           C 
He can join in the victors band 
Stand, stand up and be counted 
Stand, stand up and be counted 
Stand, stand up and be counted 
Am       Bb  
Stand, stand up and be counted 
He's not loud He doesn't want to stand out 
Em                                  C 
He works real hard to fit in 
He can feel the pain of the breaking hearts 
Em                       C 
Torn in two by the sin 
Am                                                  Em 
One the one hand he wants to be wanted 
.          F                                     C 
That's not what his conscience demands 
(repeat chorus) 
Em                                       Am 
The blood of the prophets screams out 
Em                                   Am 
From injustice of Days gone by 
They died in the streets 
To set prisoners free 
Bb                                       G 
Prisoners like you and like me 
(repeat chorus twice and close with somthing logical) 
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