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Rise To Me

(Don TAngo)

Tono:  D Más
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	  Intro: D -Gx2 

Verse 1: 
C            Am           Bm                 C 
Big mountain, wide river, there's an ancient port 
C                 Am                  Bm                  C 
These tree trunks, these stream beds, leave our bellies full 

Chorus 1: 
           G    D          C                 G 
They sing out, "I am gonna stand my ground" 
    D               C             G 
You rise to me will blow you down 
Em         C        D            C               Am          G 
I am gonna stand my ground, your eyes to me will blow you down 

Interlude 1: G - D - G 

Verse 2: use verse 1 chords 
Hey Henry, can you hear me? Let me see those eyes 
This distance between us can seem a mountain size 

Chorus 2: use chorus 1 chords 
But boy, you are gonna stand your ground 
They rise to you, you blow them down 
Let me see you stand your ground, they rise to you, you blow them down 

Interlude: G - D, then 
           G - C - Am - D - C, then 
           Am - Em - D - C, then 
           G - C - G 

Verse 3: use verse 1 chords 
My darling, my sweetheart, I am in your sway 
Two cold climbs, come springtime, so let me hear you say 

My love, I am gonna stand my ground 
They rise to me, you blow them down 
I am gonna stand my ground, they rise me to, you blow them down 
Cause I am gonna stand my ground, you rise me, and I'll blow you down 

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