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Intro: D A 

D                                          A 
I'm the most little innocent liar you have known        
D                               A 
Though you're giving me a whole lot of your love 
D                            A 
I can feel I can almost feel that I'm there 
D                                          A 
Touching the gate of your mind telling you I'm bad 

h               D 
And I just want you to know 
A                E 
You are too kind to be fooled like that 
h                 D 
That's why I will be honest, love 
A                   E 
You deserve to meet a better men 

D                       A 
I'm a crook I'm a fraud I'm a shark a deceiver 
D                      A 
While you're sweet and you're good all the beauty you deliver 
D                 A 
I will only break your heart 
D             A 
Like I did it in the past 

h                 D 
That's why I want you to know 
A                  E 
You should realize who i really am 
h             D 
I really mean it's real love 
A             E 
I told you so you could finally see  

A                     D 
And I'm on the street again the only place 
A                                D 
Which welcomes me with open arms and gives me a warm farewell 
A                        D 
I think it's time for me to be a decent man 
A                        D 
Well hello girl I'd like to know: what's your name? 

h                   D 
I don't want you to know 
A                E 
You've just been caught into the sweetest trap 
h               D 
I'm afraid that I can't let you go 
A                E 
Until I feel bad 'bout lying again 

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