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Don't Acordes

David Gilmour



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F      C      F               Bb 
 Don't, don't, thats what you say 
      F            Am             Gm      C 
 Each time that I hold you this way, 
              F                       Bb 
 When I feel like this and I want to kiss you, 
 Gm           F 
 Baby, don't say don't. 

( Gm   C ) 

 F      C     F           Bb 
 Don't, don't leave my embrace 
     F           Am            Gm         C 
 For here in my arms is your place 
                  F                       Bb 
 When the night grows cold and I want to hold you, 
 Gm           F 
 Baby, don't say don't. 

( Gm ) 

Solo:   C    F  F    C  C    F 
        Bb  Bb    F  F    Am Am   Gm 
        C  C 

( F  F    Bb  Gm    F  F  C ) 

( F  F    Bb  Gm    F  F    Gm ) 

C                 F                       Bb 
When the night grows cold and I want to hold you, 
Gm           F 
Baby, don't say don't. 

( Gm  C ) 

G                  F        Bb      F 
If you think that this is just a game 
Im playing 
If you think that I don't mean 
C      G        C 
Every word Im saying 
F      C 
Don't, don't, 
F               Bb 
Don't feel that way 
   F              Am            Gm 
Im your love and yours I will stay 

( C ) 

C               F 
This you can believe 
I will never leave you 

Gm             F        Gm 
Heaven knows I wont 
C               F 
Baby, don't say don't 
C            F 
Don't please don't 

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