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Cruise Acordes

David Gilmour


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(intro C  G  F  C  Am  G  F  C  G ) 
C           (G)          F         C 
Cruise ...       you are making me sing 
Am           G        F          C         G 
Now you have taken me under your wing 
C        G)            F               C 
Cruise,  ...   we both know you're the best 
Am           G               F       C     Am   G   F  C G           
How can they say you're like all the rest 
C         (G)             F             C 
Cruise,...     we're both travelling so far 
Am          G           F        C      G 
Burning out fast like a shooting star 
C             G              F            C 
Cruise I feel sure that your song will be sung 
    Am               G       F    C              
And will ring in the ears of everyone 
Am         G         F          C 
Saving our children, saving our land 
F             C              G 
Protecting us from things we can't understand 
Am        G      F           C 
Power and Glory, Justice and Right 
     F               C          G 
I'm sure that you'll help us to see the light 
        Am             G      C            F 
And the love that you radiate will keep us warm 
               C           G 
And help us to weather the storm 
C          (G)          F        C 
Cruise, ...    you have taken me in 
   Am              G       F        C     G 
And just when I've got you under my skin 
C         G            F            C 
You start ignoring the fears I have felt 
           Am           G              F         C     Am G F C G   
'Cause you know you can always make my poor heart melt 
C            G             F      C 
Please don't take what I'm saying amiss 
     Am     G              F       C 
Or misunderstand at a time such as this 
     C          G                    F         C 
Because if such close friends should ever fall out 
Am               G             F        C 
What would there be left worth fighting about 
Am        G      F           C 
Power and glory, justice and right 
F                    C            G             (Am G F C F C G) 
I'm sure that you'll help them to see the light 
Am                G         F                 C    
Will you save our children, will you save our land 
    F               C                 G          (Am G F C F C G) 
And protect us from all the things we can't understand? 
Am        G         F           C 
Power and glory and justice for all 
F           C                      G            (Am G F C F C G) 
Who will we turn to when your hard rain falls? 
Contribuição: Matheus Vignali([email protected]) 


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