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Ziggy Stardust

Áño: 1972 - Álbum: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust

Intro:  G  D (D4)  C9 G/B  Am  (4x)  

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INTRO -3--2--3--2--3--2--------------------------------------3-------- -3--3--------------3-----3------3-----3------3------3--3-------- -0--2-----------------------0-----------0---------0----0-------- -0--0--------------------------------------------------0-------- -2--------------------3-------3----2-------2----0------2-------- -3-----------------------------------------------------3-------- -3--2--3--2--3--2----------------------------------------------- -3--3--------------3-----3------3-----3------3----3-------3----- -0--2-----------------------0-----------0-----------0----------- -0--0----------------------------------------------------------- -2--------------------3-------3----2-------2----0------0-------- -3-------------------------------------------------------------- PARTE A -3--2--3----------------------------------0--hn12--hn7--hn12---- -3--3--3----------------------------3--3--0--------------------- -0--2--5----------------------------0--2--0--------------------- -0--4--5----------------------------0--0--2--------------------- -2--2--3--3--2--3--4-5-5/7-5--------0--0--2--------------------- -3---------------------------7-5\3--3--2--0--------------------- --0--3---------------------------------------------------------- --1--3---------------------------------------------------------- --0--5---------------------------------------------------------- --2--5---------------------------------------------------------- --0--3--3--2--3--5~--------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- RIFF -----------------12~-------------------------------------------- -15~-15-12-15-12------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
G Bm7 Ziggy played guitar, jamming good C C B C D With Wierd and Gilly and the Spiders from Mars G D/F# Em He played it left hand, but made it too far A C Became the special man, and we were Ziggy's band G Bm7 Ziggy really sang, with screwed up eyes and C C B C D Screwed down hairdo like some cat from Japan G D/F# Em He could lick 'em by smiling, he could leave 'em to hang A C He came on so loaded man, well hung and snow-white tan Am G F G But where were the spiders Am G F G While the fly tried to break our balls Am G F G Just the beer light to guide us D And so we bitched about his fans E And should we crush his sweet hands G D C9 G/B Am x2 G Bm7 Ziggy played for time, jiving us that C C B C D We were voodoo and the kids were just crass G D/F# Em He was the nazz with God-given ass A C He took it all too far but boy could he play guitar Am G F G Making love with his ego Am G F G Ziggy sucked up into his mind Am G F Like a leper messiah D When the kids had killed the man E I had to break up the band G D C9 G/B Am x3 G D C9 G Ziggy played guitar

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