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	  Intro: Dm, Am, C, F 

(Am and F behind saxophone before vocals) 

verse 1: 

Am                     F 
  Look up here, I'm in heaven 

Am                             F 
  I've got scars that can't be seen 

Am                             F 
  I've got drama that can't be stolen 

Am                   F 
  Everybody knows me now 

(Am  F)x2 

verse 2: 

Am                          F 
  Look up here, man, I'm in danger 

Am                         F 
  I've got nothing left to lose 

Am                        F 
  I'm so high it makes my brain whirl 

Am                             F 
  Dropped my cell phone down below 

Am    F 
           Ain't that just like me? 

Am    F 

C Cm7 Bm7 By the time I got to New York C Cm7 Bm7 I was living like a king C Cm7 Bm7 Then I used up all my money C Cm7 Bm7 I was looking for your ass
Outro: Am F This way or no way Am F You know I'll be free Am F Just like that bluebird Am F Now ain't that just like me? Am F Oh, I'll be free Am F Just like that bluebird Am F Oh, I'll be free Am F Ain't that just like me? (Am F)x3 Am

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