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Heroes Acordes

David Bowie


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Áño: 1990 - Álbum: Heroes

Tono:  D Más
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Intro: D  G  D	G    
D			G/D    
I, I wish I could swim    
             D	            		G/D   
Just like a dolphin, like dolphins can swim    
    C	                        		D    
But nothing ,nothing will keep us together    
      Am                  Em         D    
Yeah we can be there for ever and ever    
    C           G	              D    
Cos we can be heroes just for one day    
D	        G/D        D                      G/D 
I, I will be king and you you will be queen    
  		C 		                     D    
Yeah but nothing, will drive us away     
     Am              Em	            D    
Cos we can be heroes just for one day    
           C		G          D    
And we're can be us just for one day    
D		G/D    
I, I can remember,    
     D	      		G/D  
When I was standing by the wall    
              D		            G/D  
And then the guns  shot over our heads    
             D	       		        G/D 
And then we kissed as though nothing could fall    
        C		       D    
And the shame was on the other side    
            Am     Em            D    
But we can  beat them for ever and ever    
                C    G	     	    D    
Then we can be heroes just for one day    
D	  G	          
We can be heroes just for one day      
D	  G	        
We can be heroes    x3     

       D    G	       D    
We can be heroes just for one day     


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