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Everyone Says Hi Acordes

David Bowie


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Everyone Says Hi

	  intro |C - Am -|
CSaid you took a Em big trip
Am They said you moved awayEm
FHappened oh so Gquietly, they sayC-Am
CShould have took a Empicture
AmSomething I could keepEm
F Buy a little Gframe, something
Fcheap-G..for youF - G everyone says hiC-Am - C - Am
CSaid you sailed aEmbig ship,
Am Said you sailed away, Em
FDidn't know the right Gthings, to say. C-Am
CI'd love to get a Emletter,
AmLike to know what's what,Em
F Hope the weathersGgood and it's not too hotF - G,
for youF - Geveryone says hiF - G everyone says hiF - G
(G)Everyone says 
F Don't stay in a Emsad place
Where they F Don't care how you G are,
Everyone says HiC - Am - C - Am
EbIf the money is Dmlousey
Am You can always come Ab home,
C We can do all the Amold things,
F We can do all the Ambad things
Eb If the food gets you Dmleery,
Am You can always Ab call,
C We can do all the Amgood things,
F We can do it, we can Amdo it, we can do it...
F Don't stay in a Em bad place
Where they F Don't care how you G are..
..Everyone says hi x 3
and the girl next door,
and the guy upstairs
everyone says hi
and your mom and dad
everyone says hi
and your big fat dog

Contribuição: andy2003([email protected])

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