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Crazy Mary Acordes

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Crazy Mary

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Capo en el 1er traste

Intro: D A D A 

D Crazy Mary from London Berry C# Lives next door to the cemetery C How many lovers have you buried G We would shout, running scared D C# B Along the green and golden paths A C C# D A That took us home, away from Crazy Mary.
D In the lamplight burning low C# Dimly through enchanted woods C She rocks beside the fire that never was lit G D C# B And as we ran on by A Pretending to be frightened D A We'd shout and laugh at Crazy Mary. D She would never answer us C# Smiled through the window softly C Wild-eyed and wild-haired but we were sure G D That in the dark of night C# B A She cursed us soundly, casting spells C# D And such to turn us into donkeys.
D So it seems that older now C# We stand upon this wind-swept moor C The lonely grave before us G D C# B Testifies that Crazy Mary sings and dreams B He dreams somewhere A C C# D A But not where little kids can follow after D And on the stone, these words, dear friend C# Please write me down as one who loved C The raven-haired and laughing lads G That swore that they would marry me D C# C And soon their sons came running by C# D A And here I lie, forgotten, Crazy Mary.
Chorus D A

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