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One Last Time Acordes

David Akeem James

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One Last Time

	  Em-Am-D-G-D (repeat over and over and over lol) 

for one last time 
please say you will 
please say you'll stay right by my side 
for one last try  
please say you will  
please say you will 

tell me girl just what ya want 
for one last time i just cant go on 
even this song sucks without you  
gotta have you around 
cant hear the sounds of thoughts 
over ma heart jumping around 
and now i fill ma days  
with all these worthless girls  
trying to replace whats lost  
with those who'll neva fullfill 
the gap in my heart  
and the screaming of my bleeding soul 
is stopping me from hearing the track as i try to record 
i say i dont worry  
but deep inside im screaming for you 
need'n for you to come back  
give me what i'm pleading for you 
just one more time  
girl again i promise and swear it'll be different  
as long as you meet me here just one time 

i swear just one time, one time 
meet me here just one time, one time 
just another chance just one time, one time 
meet me here just one time girl... 


give me a chance, just to be the man 
that you desire each day, i could be that man 
sweat, as can be, even loose them hoes 
that blow up ma phone everytime we try make love 
hold on. you know what i ment by that. 
my friends, but you can't take the hint from that.  
come back. girl why you gotta curse and swear 
here we go dont leave me here this time 
damn girl this time 
my world will unwind 
cant take a day behind 
without you by my side girl 


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