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Buckaroo Man

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Capo en el 1er traste

Am         G           F       E 
Sleep in a bed role of canvas 
Am            G            E 
As no-see-ums feed on your ears 
Am             G              F          E 
Wind blows the dust just like buckshot 
      F                   G             E 
And I ain't never seen it rain much out here 

Am             G            F        E 
Smell your own sweat in the evenin' 
       F         G          E    
I wash up at the galvanized tank 
        F          G          C                       Am    
Nearest town forty miles, the cook here he don't smile 
    F               E          Am 
And all these young horses are rank 

           Dm          G           C              Am 
But come a ty yi yipee I O, on the back of my Caballo 
  F               G         E 
I hope to tie one on when I can 
   Dm               G          C                Am  
My spurs they don't ring much, I never did sing much 
     F          E            Am 
But I'm a sure enough, a Buckaroo Man 

Am         G           F       E 
Cold fingers stiff in the mornin' 
Am            G            E 
By noon it's a hundred and three 

Am             G              F          E 
Five year old slicks in the canyon 
      F            G             E 
And never a hint of a breeze 

Am             G            F        E 
Jug-headed hollow-back ponies 
F         G          E    
Provide all with hours of grief 
F                     G      C            Am    
There's snakes in the shade, choya on the grade 
F               E          Am 
And a half a ton of grit between my teeth 

Chorus (3x) 

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