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Everybody Knows


INTRO:  D           


D                 D7              G 
Wish, they hadn't seen you walk a-way, 
    E                 D            A      
and heard me beg you, stay, please stay. 
D               D7                  E 
Why, why did we choose this crowded place, 
         G                 A       F#m A7 D     D7      
they all know it, 'cause I show it in  my face. 


G         E         A         A7    
Everybody knows you said good-bye, 
D         D7          G        
everybody knows we're through. 
G                E       A       A7    
Now they all can see the tears I cry, 
D               D7       G      
running down my face for you. 


D                   D7             G 
They, all said it's too good to be true, 
      E              D        A      
it'll make a fool of you, one day. 
D                   D7                E 
I, just laughed and said our love was strong, 
        G                 A        F#m A7  D     D7      
but you left me, and they all know I   was wrong. 


G         E            A        A7    
Everybody knows you're tired of me, 
D         D7          G        
everybody knows we're through. 
G                E      A        A7    
Though I'm on my own, I can't be free, 
D            D7       G      
baby, I just live for you. 

CHORUS 1 + 2 (2 in Fade Out) 

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