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Darren Hanlon

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Yes There Is A Slight Chance...

Capo en el 5º traste
Yes There Is A Slight Chance That He Might Fail  
Darren Hanlon 
submitted by Eric Suchy ([email protected]) 
Lyrics more than likely wrong.  Solo may be attempted at a later date, same with picked  
intro.  The chords do me just fine at the moment.   
Intro: C G Am Fmaj7 X 2 
C	         G 
I gave you a flower  
Am		           Fmaj7 
He gave you a whole bunch 
C	         G 
He cut you a diamond 
Am	           Fmaj7 
I cut you your lunch 
C	          G 
I wrote you a pamphlet  
Am		           Fmaj7 
He wrote her a whole book 
C			     G 
He paid them both to the movies  
Am	         Fmaj7 
I stole you a look 
	       G Em Am  
I cannot win  
Fmaj7						C G Am Fmaj7 
Since the day we watched the move in 
C G Am Fmaj7 
(like verse before) 
Another sick joke  
At my expense  
But you cant live your life  
With one eye over the fence 
So I wrote you this song 
Her wrote her an operatic medley 
He bought her a car  
I doubled you on my trendy??? 
I can't compete 
Since they moved to our street 
C G Am Fmaj7   X 4 
I candidly took you photo 
But it came out a blur 
In their hall hangs a portrait 
He had commissioned for her 
And on Valentine's Day 
What was I to do 
She got a ninety-verse sonnet  
I struggled with a haiku 
Makes me see red 
But I still couldn't wish them both dead 
C G Am Fmaj7 
        C G Am Fmaj7 
I'm gonna fail 
	       C G Am Fmaj7 
What if I fail 
		C G Am Fmaj7 
He's gonna fail 
		         C G Am Fmaj7 
He could possibly fail 
		         C G Am Fmaj7 
He could possibly fail 
	           C G Am Fmaj7   C 
He's gonna fail 


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