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Elbows Acordes

Darren Hanlon

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Capo en el 5º traste
G  C  G  Em  Em 
           G					C	G 
On a warm night in March on a dark disco floor 
I danced up a storm like I?d never before 
            C			D	   G 
Every step in the book and then some that weren?t listed 
Am					          Em 		D 
For a song or two I felt nothing else existed 
G					C   	G 
Now if a dream curled at your feet you?d take it home and name it 
I?m struggling now to find something to blame it on 
C	       D		  G 
Strobing effects or perhaps it was that dress 
Am						     Em		D 
But my eye was captured by a beautiful actress 
		G		C		G 
Now the minutiae?s still my memory writ large 
As she danced nearer me with her coy entourage 
C			D			G 
She tugged at the scarf round her neck it came loose 
Am					   C   		G		G 
She flung it and hung it from the disc jockey?s booth 
         C		D	  Em	         C 
But before I continue one moments reprieve 
C					G  
I grant you dear audience a chance to leave 
	C		D             Em	  C 
For my tale never ends in that it never started 
C						          D  
When the house lights came on I?d already departed 
G			                   C		G 
No not one word was spoken nor a glance exchanged  
When the sun rose next morning the world hadn?t changed 
	C		D		G  
See we only touched elbows is the plain naked truth 
Am					C	     G 			G 
And I can?t even back up my story with proof 
Gm					C		G 
We only touched elbows, felt our bones clunk together 
Then the moment was over in a falling feather 
C		D		G 
An accident sure but it happened I?ll wrangle 
Am					Em      		Em        Em	         D 
Our elbows did touch our arms at right angles 
		G			C		G 
Now there?s naught the nosey observer could?ve guessed 
But the rock and roll drummer inside of my chest 
C			D	                 G  
Everyone?s seen her films and I?ll whisper her name 
	Am				C	         G 
That we only touched elbows is not such a shame 
         	C		D		Em	  	C 
For the world?s getting crowded and I can?t see a lapse 
C						G 
It?s not about leaving spaces but filling the gaps 
 		C		D	     Em		C 
We?re all bumping and knocking strangers all the time 
C							   D 
Sometimes we don?t notice, mostly we don?t mind 
G			C		G 
A foot brushes your ankle on a peak hour bus 
Someone?s hand on the small of your back as they pass 
C	     D		   G 
A shopkeepers fingers while handing you change 
 Am						          Em 	           D 
Can lightly brush yours without feeling too strange  
	      G			C	G 
But why I felt so alive I can?t quite determine 
There could be a word to explain it in German 
	C		D	  G 
Some take others home waking up to regret it 
Am						Em          
We only touched elbows and I?ll never forget it 
D   G   C        G   
C    G   Em    Em    
C    D    G      
Am   Am    Em     D 
G   C  G   Em  Em  
C   D  G   Am  
Em  Em 
		G		C		G 
Now the innocent DJ still spins his black moons 
Em						Em 
And keeps us all moving with his faithful tunes 
C	       D			G 
And the lights nod in synch, they?re mechanically powered 
Am				           C		G 
We only touched elbows and I still haven?t showered 


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