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Darrell Scott

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My Fathers House

	  Darrell Scott       My Fathers House  written by Darrell Scott    
Darell Scott  vocals/guitar/mandolin 
Leland Sklar  bass 
Steve Conn    accordion 
Kenny Malone  drums    
Dale Scott    vocals 
Suzi Ragsdale vocals     
E                     A   B                          E 
He sang a walk on the wildside lasts a lifetime with me  
E     A        E         B            E 
I was born and raised in my father's house  
A            E           B 
Can catching rain in the kitchen  
          A               E         B         E 
He said a good song never comes to those who chase  
   A        E         B 
It comes to those who listen  
And I'd listen to him  
A      E         B             E      
Waking up in the middle of the night  
A         E                B  
I know he thought we were sleeping  
            A   E            B         E 
And with an old melody and a guitar in hand  
      A           E            B 
Somewhere between dreaming and weeping  
                         A  B                          E 
He'd sing a walk on the wildside lasts a lifetime with me  
  A       E           B        E 
I grew up quick in my father's house  
A        E           B 
Mama she gave him no daughters  
       F#m         E        B        E 
Just a look in the eye of a woman in need  
      A         E          B 
To be free of a love grown harder  
       F#m     E         B      E 
So she hit the road in a Galaxy Ford  
A               E         B 
The one that my daddy had bought her  
         F#m        E          B            C#m 
And she crossed the tracks and never looked back  
        A         E           B 
She was hummin' a song he had taught her  
                       A   B                          E 
She sang a walk on the wildside lasts a lifetime with me  
B                  A     E            B        E 
There was this big black trunk in my father's house  
         A            E            B 
Where he kept all the ledgers he'd write in  
      F#m        E  B              E  
So  I broke into it before I moved out  
A                 E             B 
To see if I could find out more about him  
           F#m     E              B          E 
There were letters written, never sent to my mom  
A                E     B 
It's a wonder it never killed him  
               F#m        C#m        B   E 
And there were lines, and songs, and poetry  
A            E             B 
Damn near as good as Hank Williams  
                   A    B                         E 
Sing a walk on the wildside lasts a lifetime with me  
From Darrell Scott "Family Tree" 
EMI Music/House of Bram Music, ASCAP)  

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