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Some People

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Capo en el 5º traste

Oh and on the screen my love interest 
   C                              G  
is making out with other guys 
And I drank not enough to make me drunk  
    C                             G 
and just enough to make me tired 
            Am/F#                    B7                Em   Dadd4   C 
And it's too easy to be awful to the ones you need the most 
          G         B7               Em 
So in the end all I hope is that they know 

Ask the bottom from the top  
              C                                G 
and they will tell you that it's lonely too 
So find a gun and spin the wheel  
           C                                   G 
and try to figure which god you'll choose 
        Am/F#                    B7                  Em   Dadd4   C 
It's too easy to be angry at the ones that you don't know 
             G                    B7              Em 
So don't ask questions, don't ask directions, just go 

B7  C  G         B7  C  G         Am/F#  B7  Em Dadd4 C         G   B7  Em     

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e|--------------------------------------------| B|-----/5---54---43---32---21---10---0--------| G|------------------------------------3---32--| D|--------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------|
B7 So paint your pickets white and beat your wife C G just don't forget to shut the blinds B7 If you can keep your neighbours in the dark C G then surely God can close her eyes Am/F# B7 Em Dadd4 C 'Cause it's too easy to be righteous when you eat... what you've been fed G B7 Em Some people don't question what they've read G B7 Em Dadd4 C Some people should G B7 Em Some people Some people C G B7 Em Dadd4 So what do you do, what do you do when you go home? C G B7 Em Dadd4 Now what do you do, what do you do when you go home?

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