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Set The Sail Acordes

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Set The Sail

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Am      G           C 
You decide to be alone. 
F           G              C 
And hell is cold enough to hibernate 
Am         G              C 
so let her drift into the snow. 
F              G              C 
It's where she chooses how to operate. 
Am          G                C 
It might be time to pack her in. 
F        G                 C 
Set the sails and just get all the way- 
Am     G          C 
maybe east or something. 
F            G          C                 Am/B        
The west was overrated anyway and the storms coming down. 
          G                 C 
These old walls are wearing thin. 
                 Am/B        Am 
There's an ache to this town. 
    G                   C 
And something's gotta give in 
              Am/B  Am     G           C 
when digging for gold, and coming out dry. 
Just a matter of time. 
Just a matter of time 

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