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Intro (tabbed guitar for piano part) x2 x2 x2 x2 e|----------|---------|---------|---------| B|------3-3-|-----3-3-|-----3-3-|-1-1-3-3-| G|--4-4-----|-4-4-----|-4-4-----|-0-0-0-0-| D|--5-5-5-5-|-4-4-4-4-|-2-2-2-2-|---------| A|----------|---------|---------|-3-3-3-3-| E|----------|---------|---------|---------|
Intro Chords: G Bm/F# Em C G Bm/F# I'm coming out from the shadows Shooting straight like an arrow Em C Ain't nothing gonna slow me down Slow me down yeah G Bm/F# I'm gonna flow like a cool breeze Stand taller than a palm tree Em C Ain't nothing gonna cut me down Cut me down yeah Pre-Chorus G Bm/F# Em I remember all the words you said That a crazy heart hat can never rest C When your light starts fading out, fading out
G D Em Don't keep waiting for an open door Break the lock and get something more C Make a move 'cause YOU'RE ALIVE, ALIVE G D Em We ain't gonna get a second chance Life ain't nothing but a crazy dance C Learn the moves 'cause YOU'RE ALIVE, ALIVE
verse 2 G Bm/F# Never had to go it solo 'Cause your love wrapped me head to toe Em C All I wanted was to make you proud make you proud yeah G Bm/F# I just wanna hold you so close In return be your rain coat Em C When the rain wants to drown you out Drown you out, yeah Pre Chorus Chorus G We're ALIVE, We're ALIVE, We're ALIVE-LIVE D We're ALIVE, We're ALIVE, We're ALIVE-LIVE Em C We're ALIVE, We're ALIVE, Oh We're ALIVE ALIVE G D Em You can always break the rules You can always dare to dance C But you gotta take a chance, a chance G D Em You can always break the rules You can always dare to dance C But you gotta take a chance, a chance Chorus We're ALIVE Chorus….

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