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Trust The Devil Acordes




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Trust The Devil

	  Intro: C Dm F G  (x2) 

C                      Dm 
Self deprecation never felt so deserved 
        F               G                 C 
Well, I guess I'm up to date with the new trends 
C                               Dm 
These last 8 months have really been a blur 
        F                  G              C   G 
and I'm not sure when this fuzziness will end 

              F              G 
You think the doctor's gonna help 
You think the whole world's turned to hell 
               F              G                C 
You think that every face you known has turned against you 
               F        G               C                         Am 
You think that everyone should see that there's still good inside of me 
        F              G                   C         G 
But you don't know how much of You we lost this week 
          F                 G              C 
You think that exercise and sleep and that eating properly 
           F            G              C 
could make it justified that your life should continue 
           F                G                  C           Am 
I hope You take this graciously You've been an awful human being 
          F               G N.C 
.and if it were up to me I wouldn't forgive You 

C Dm F G  x2 
C Dm So I'll talk to my therapist F G about my zealous arrogance C Dm F G and she said that I'm thinking way too hard (wo-ah) C Dm I'll visit my psychiatrist F G and he said he'll take care of it C Dm F G but he said I could use a body guard (uh-oh)
F G You think that learning you can cook C Am or reading a million books F G C will fill the hole that always just seems to get bigger F G You were a cancer, too aloof, C Am and You wouldn't tell the truth F G C G Now You will never get a chance to make them dinner F G Your intentions aren't enough C Am its all your actions not your fluff F G C and all your actions have been nothing less than evil F G C Am I wish this all could be reversed but its only getting worse F G and I would rather trust a rat than trust the devil

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