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Shallow Days

 Mary-Jaine says its alright, she's just around the corner from the main line
 Any day now, its alright. She's standing on the precipice of big time
 And I know I'm a little up tight. I got to go before the sun shine
 We're just a couple small people squeezing out a life. We need a little good time
                  F#m    E              D
 Its not far from here.  Mary comes and goes.  Drifting through the 
 F#m        E              D
 scenery of shallow days below. And then as everybody knows you follow 
 trains out of town and they vanish somewhere under the horizon Yeah well I saw 
 Mary-Jaine drag her shadow down the tracks, stair of into the distance. 
                  F#m     E            D
 Its not far from here.   Mary waves hello. Smiling though she's 
 F#m            E              D 
 sinking in the shallow days below
 Bm                    D          F#m
      I can't find the way out of here, out on the road again 
     Bm               D            F#m
 I'm much much too concerned about Mary-Jaine. I'm all alone again and
 Bm                   D                     F#m
      I like what she said, but not what it means. She leaves me drowning through the 
 Bm             D              F#m    E
 shallow days,    down below
 I know I heard a band playing waltzes in a grange hall, the sun is sinking lower
 People stair at Mary-Jaine humming softly to herself. Ain't nobody really knows her
 And any day now its alright. She tells herself that this will be the last time
 And Mary-Jaine pulls her hair back and wonders what she'll do with all the free time
                  F#m    E             D 
 Not too far from here.  Mary turns to go. Smiling while the 
 F#m             E                D
 waltz begins to dancin down the road, hey, hey
 Bm          D                 F#m              
 Hey hey Mr. Freedom, what are we supposed to think?
             Bm        D              F#m
 Cause I'm a very tiny person, and it worries me, out all alone again and
 Bm                   D                    F#m
      I like what she said but not what it means, she leaves me drowning in the 
 Bm            D                 F#m  
 shallow days      way down below
                A                                                         D
 Hey, yeah yeah yeah...ooooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeeah yeah yeah yeah
                A                                                     D
 I'm sorry. She said "I know, its not the kind of thing you want. I'm falling, falling 
 down" I'm sorry. She said "I know, I'm not the kind of girl you want We're 
 D F#m    E             
 falling,   ooooooh
 D F#m         E
 Falling,   oooooooooh
 D F#m       E
 Falling,  falling down...

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