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Possibility Days

(Adam Duritz)

Capo en el 3er traste
	  I got a bunch of requests for this song, so here it is. It's simpler than it sounds  
actually even though it is Charlie playing the piano. 

You will notice that the intro is repeated at the end of each Chorus, until the last  
few. Also, the Cmaj7 from the intro is sometimes used in the verse in place of C, but  
that's really just improvisational. Sounds great of course, but it's not necessary. 

There is one moment in the first Pre-Chorus where the mandola plays an A (octave), but  
for the rest of the song that part is played as a D. That octave also sounds good as a 5th  
if you feel so inclined (I think it's easier). It makes for a slightly jarring transition,  
but it makes it quite satisfying when the song falls into the predicted I-V-VI-IV pattern. 



Em G Cmaj7 G 

Em G Cmaj7 

verse 1: 

      Em      C      G 
Was a cold 3 AM at JFK 
            Em               C         G 
I guess you stayed cause you wanted to stay 
                 Em      C          G 
And we went from zero to everything all in a day 
         Em      C        G 
And then Kennedy took you away 

Pre-Chorus 1: 

               G                   A 
I thought of a short road that was keeping you warm 
        Em                        C 
And the moments that make up your life till you wake up 
    G                      D 
You sit on a swing and you talk with the girl 
    Em                      C 
She tells you she wanted to kiss you 

Chorus 1: 

And you know that 
    G                           D 
The worst part of a good day is hearing yourself say 
    Em                   C 
Goodbye to one more possibility day 
       Em  G Cmaj7 G 
It goes on 
     Em G Cmaj7 
And on... 

verse 2: 

     Em            C           G 
I go west but your weather has changed 
            Em           C           G 
You're just scared, I mistake it for strange 
                    Em             C          G 
When you want me to leave then you start to believe I should stay 
  Em        C        G 
I gotta get out of L.A. 

Pre-Chorus 2: 

                  G              D 
It seems like the short days are over 
                     Em                        C 
Cause you just don’t sleep in the daylight, so I don’t sit up nights 
  G                 D 
I lie on my back on top of the hill 
         Em                   C 
And your body is breaking the sky 'cause you're shaking 

Chorus 2: 

        G                           D 
And the worst part of a good day is knowing it's slipping 
  Em                       C 
Away, that's one more possibility day 
     Em   G Cmaj7 G 
It's gone. 

Em G Cmaj7 

verse 3: 

        Em          C           G 
We were waiting for winter this year 
        Em          C       G 
But you came and it never appeared 
                   Em       C           G 
Me and you we know too many reasons for people and seasons 
     Em             C            G 
That pass like they weren't even here 

verse 4: 

    Em        C         G 
Now living in smiles is better you say 
   Em        C          G 
We carry the burdens of all of our days 
   Em                       C       G 
So scared that you’ll leave, you’re scared that I'll stay 
        Em     C      G 
It's an impossibility day 
       Em       C            G 
And we only saw half the ballet 

Pre-Chorus 3: 

       G           D 
I said good night, goodbye 
             Em                             C 
Seems like a good thing, so you know it's a good lie 
        G                      D 
You can run out of choices and still hear a voice in your 
Em                        C 
Head when you’re lying in bed 

Chorus 3: 

And it says that 
    G                         D 
The best part of a bad day is knowing it's ok 
    Em                  C 
The color of everything changes 
            G                           D 
The sky rearranges its shade, and the smile doesn’t fade 
         Em                       C 
Into the phone call and one bad decision we made 

Chorus 4: 

        G                               D 
And the worst part of a good day is the one thing you don’t say 
    Em                         C 
And you don’t know how but you wish there was some way 
        G                            D 
So you pull down the shades, and you shut out the light 
        Em                        C 
Because somehow we mixed up "goodbye" and "goodnight 

Chorus 5: 

        G                          D 
And the one thing you don't say is everyone knows 
     Em                C 
Possibility days are impossible 
            Em    G Cmaj7 G 
It just feels wrong 
  Em    G Cmaj7 G 
So wrong... 
         Em    G Cmaj7 G 
Now you're gone 
     Em    D/F# C F 
Long gone... 




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