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Dear God Acordes

Cory Asbury



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Dear God

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Capo en el 1er traste
Intro D 

Dear God 
           D/F#                      G 
I’ve been trying awful hard to make You proud of me 
But it seems 
     D/F#                G 
The harder that I try the harder it becomes 
And I feel like giving up 
D/F#         G 
Most of the time 

Dear God 
           D/F#                        G 
I’ve been chasing their approval and it’s killing me 
And I know 
The more I try to prove 
The less I have to show 
And I’m stuck inside my head 
D/F#         G 
Most of the time 

If I pray a little harder 
If I follow all the rules 
   Em                      A 
I wonder could I ever be enough 

   D        D/F#   
I try and I try 
         G               D 
Just to fall back down again 
       D         D/F# 
And I ask myself why 
      G                D 
Do I try to chase the wind 
        Bm            A 
I just lean into the mystery 
       G                  A 
Maybe hope is found in a melody 
   Bm       A    G 
So I wanna try again 
      Bm         A    G 
Yeah, I’m gonna try again 

Dear child 
         D/F#                            G 
I hope you know how much I love you and I’m proud of you 
Please believe 
     D/F#                                G 
The thoughts I have for you will never change or fade away 
When you felt like giving up 
       D/F#       G 
I was there all along 

I’m not scared of imperfections 
Or the questions in your head 
      Em                               A 
Just know that you have always been enough 

       D           D/F# 
You tried and you tried 
       G               D 
And I saw your wrestle with 
       D         D/F# 
Every how, every why 
        G              D 
I was right there listening 
         Bm             A 
So just fall into the mystery 
       G              A 
I’ll meet you in the melody 
           Bm          A    G 
So please try just to try again 
    Bm              A    G 
So child would you try again 
    Bm             A     D 
My child you can love again 

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