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Game Of Thrones Musical


There are Starks and there are Lannisters, and Kardashians (Targaryens you idiot) 
And Targaryens, and of course this some knows 
A#                                              Cm 
Welcome to the crazy and wacky world of Game of Thrones 


Wildling - Just A D E A           

A       D E D             A             D E 
Wildling. ... you make my heart sing... 
D                A   D  
You pulled your bow string  
 E     D 
And shoot me  

Wildling, I think I love you, (G A G A)  

But I wanna know for sure  

I wanna take you to that cave and kiss you baby, down under 


Rastafarian Targaryan - Am G just play it once before each verse  

Game of what now! Ey Ey Ey  

Am               G 
Rastafarian, Targaryen ,  
Am                                   G 
I got some dragons and they are very scaryian , 
Am                                  G  
Been here and there and then I been everywhere again ...  
Am             G 
Rastafarian Targaryen. 

        Am                                G  
Call me Daenerys Targaryen when you wanna reach me,  
    Am                                          G  
And if you feel the love then you can call me Khaleesi,  
    Am                              G  
Got so many names, I'm Queen of the andals,  
    Am                                          G  
I’m Queen of the Meereen, yeah, you can kiss my sandals 


Still Going Strong Intro  

A# (Use again when the "But no me" part)  

D#m F# G# F# (Listen to the song you'll get it right away)  

Still going strong He’s still going strong  

yeah, yeah He’s still going strong  

Remember Ned Stark, he was a lot of fun. So fun  

But he didn’t make it past Season One Oh no  

Robert Baratheon was part of that crew  

But he never made it to Season Two  

The King of the North was cool, you see So cool  

Another favorite that ended up dead He’s dead  

You thought that Joffrey had to survive  

He ain’t in the credits for Season Five Season Five  

Baby, you know I’m the man for all seasons  

Characters get cut for various reasons Ow ow  

Some people’s parts just ain’t that long  

But not me Not me, not me, not me  

I’m still going strong He’s still going strong 


- Closer to Home -     
        C              G  
Are you thinking about Joffrey             
       F          C        F  
such a spirited lad.                
I was his uncle..          
       F       G  
I was also his Dad  
C              G  
Around the world..        
   F            C  
My heart had to roam                
        Am            F  
Now I am looking for something..             
         G         C  
A Little Closer to home..  
C          F  
Closer to home..  
G          C  
Closer to home..  
C        F  
A family tree  
G                    C  
With a branch of our own 


Red Wedding  (Am E7) I think - Same structure entire song  

You don’t mess around with Walder Freyâ...  
Don’t mess around with,  
You don’t mess around with Walder Freyâ...  

(verse 1)  
If you’re here for the wedding of Robby Stark,  

Keep the car running, there’s no need to park.                                                         
He’s not going to make it, through the nightâ...  

Keep that wedding cake in the fridge. 
He didn’t pay me back for using the bridge.                                               
I’m afraid this wedding won’t be whiteâ...  

Am (Chorus)  
Boom, boom, boom, babba dippi dum  
Boom, boom, boom, babba dippi bum  

(verse 2)  
Red wedding, red weeding.  

Lots of stabbing and a bit of beheading.                                                      
The Rains of Castamere are here to stayâ...  

Red wedding, dead wedding. 
A head, shredding, bloodshed wedding.                                                   
There will be no wedding bedding, heyâ...  
You don’t mess around with Walder Frey!  


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