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verse 1: 
She looks good in the morning sun 
Or even better with the tie dye on  
Feather in her hat, flower in her hair  
F                       G 
I love the way that she just don't care 
She's got a cat that she calls tattoo 
She's got her self a couple tattoos too 
And when she drinks you know she loves a cigarette  
F                                G 
Got a little black pearl hanging round her neck 

F                      G         ( F#m )  
No she aint one for commotion, oohhh  
F                          G         
She's living just like the ocean  

C G She just wanna be free, just let her be Dm F G Take a walk through the breeze, why can't you see C G She just be cool, doin what she do Dm F G Bare feet swaying to a laid back beat C G Dm F G She just wanna be free
verse 2 Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: F G ( F#m ) No she aint one for commotion, no F G She's steady flowin like the ocean Chorus The End Don't forget to rate!

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