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Ballad Of Rosalie

Capo en el 2º traste

  D                           C             D 
She was hanging in a pawn shop in Memphis, TN.  
  C                   G                      D 
She was young & high strung her name was Rosalie, 
   D                                 C            D 
Her neck was long & slender, they said all the pearls are fine, 
   C                     G                      D 
I gave up my wedding ring so I could make her mine, 
Then she rode with me to Nashville, where we joined a  
C                                D                                      
Country band, played a thousand different honky tonks 
   G                      D             D                         
And a thousand one night stands, Thru good times & ss 
            C                D                 C|| 
the bad times she gives me company, she made a nice -i 
     G                      D 
sweet home with me my little Rosalie, 

D C G D C G D Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie, no one else got so close to me C G D Although there has been others, there will never be, C G D C Another one quite like my little Rosalie, No there will G D Never be another one like my Rosalie,
verse D C D Well the money wasn't good, it was few & far between, C G D But then he'd start drinkin' & the fiddle split the scene D C D Old Rosie stood besides me, thru the highs & the lows C G D And I was playing in a band, paying thru the nose Solo D C D Well I left her where I found her, and I walked out with a gun C G D I was half cocked & loaded I went looking for someone D C D Then I came back in the springtime, I promised her I would C G D But Rosalie long gone, this time it was for good, Chorus verse D C D Then late last night in the evening, I saw her on T V C G D Another guitar man was a holding my pretty Rosalie, D C D Her neck was long & slender, and her body curves so fine, C G D I weep & now remember when sweet Rosalie was mine,

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