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The Sun Is Burning Acordes

Christy Moore



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The Sun Is Burning

	  (intro)   E

             E                    A         E
    The sun is burning in the sky,
                                        A                 B7
    strands of clouds go slowly drifting by.
    In the park the dreamy bees are droning in the flowers
    among the trees,
      B7         E             A         E
    and the sun burns in the sky.

                    E       A         E
    Now the sun is in the west,
                             A                          B7
    little babes lie down to take their rest,
    And the couples in the park are holding hands and waiting
    for the dark,
     B7         E       A          E
    and the sun is in the west.

                    E       A          E
    Now the sun is sinking low,
                                  A                    B7
    children playing know it's time to go.
    High above a spot appears, a little blossom blooms and then
    draws near,
     B7         E        A          E
    and the sun is sinking low.

                    E            A          E
    Now the sun has come to earth,
                              A                            B7
    shrouded in a mushroom cloud of death.
    Death comes in a blinding flash of hellish heat, and leaves a smear
    of ash,
      B7        E            A           E
    and the sun has come to earth.

                    E           A        E
    Now the sun has disappeared,
                              A                            B7
    all that's left is darkness, pain and fear.
    Twisted, sightless wrecks of men go crawling on their knees,
    and cry in pain,
     B7         E           A        E
    and the sun has disappeared.

( E A E ) 

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