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Scapegoats - Birmingham Six Acordes

Christy Moore



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Scapegoats - Birmingham Six

C                                 F              C 
There were five men playing poker on the Heysham train. 
C                             G 
Fate was dealing them a cruel hand. 
     C                          F                   C 
Hugh Callaghan was walking home through the evening rain 
C                G                 C 
Not knowing what lay in store for him. 

C                              F              C 
You'll find traces of nitro on cigarettes and matches. 
C                                            G 
On formica tabletops and on decks of playin' cards. 
C                          F                     C 
When forensic found traces on the hands of these men, 
C                                              G                   C 
The police drove up from Birmingham, they were saying the case was closed. 

C                 F                  C 
Have you seen the mugshots that were taken 
C                          G 
after forty eight hours in custody? 
C                             F                C 
Battered and bruised, haunted looks upon their faces 
C                          G        C 
The judge accepted they confessed willingly. 
      F             G                C 
Please take another look at what you see. 

C                    F              C 
If you tell me my family are being terrorised. 
C                                                     G 
Keep me awake for six days and nights, confused and terrified. 
C                                 F                  C 
In the lonely dark of night I'll swear that black is white. 
C                      G                 C 
If you let me just lay down and close my eyes. 
           F                G             C 
I'll sign anything if you let me close my eyes. 

F                 C 
Scales of justice balance up your act. 
C                                G 
Am I talking to myself or to the wall? 
C                                 F              C 
Hugh Callaghan, Paddy Hill, Gerry Hunter, Johnny Walker, 
C                     G                F 
Billy Power, Dick McIlkenny scapegoats all. 
F                              G              C 
For sixteen years they've been talking to the wall. 

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