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Matty Acordes

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verse 1 

Matty walked out on a frozen night 
C                             G 
Making for the pub, shoulders hunched up tight 
C                G 
Head down on the railroad track 
        D                 G 
And his old cow Delia sad lowing him back 
He met with a dark and staggering man 
C                               G 
And as he passed him by shouted back at him 
C                                G 
"Hey Matty, can't you see what's become of me 
        D              G 
In this country of the blind! 
D                        G 
The house I have left is dead to me 
D                    G 
To my rhyming and my poetry 
All I've got is the beat of the stagger 
D                        G 
Heading down the Curragh line!" 

verse 2 

But Matty passed on as quick as he could 
C                                    G 
He couldn't stand such a drunken man sober 
C                     G 
All he wanted was the lights of the bar 
D                         G 
The Nightingale, the Wild Rover 
D                         G 
When he came in they were sighing 
"Look who's back, Did they throw you out of Jack's 
With your spoutin' and your swearin' 
D                           G 
We don't want to hear about Bunker Hayden 
C                            D           G 
But maybe you'll sing us the Girls of Kinkane" 


G   C G C G D G 

verse 3 
The Fear an Tí eyed him steadily 
C                          G 
As he handed him a pint of porter 
C                                G 
"You must have seen the bishop's ghost tonight 
           D                     G 
To put the dry look back in your eye!" 
But Matty would not be taken in 
C                         G 
By their jibin' and their regalin' 
C                  G 
He found himself a fresh-blown crew 
         D                                G 
And fell in with their sportin' and their balin' 

verse 4 
D                            G   
As he was going home, on the very same spot 
D                    G 
He met with his dark familiar 
He seen him coming back down the line 
       D                      G 
He was bright and strange and fine 
As he passed him by, Matty threw out his arms 
          C                G 
Trying to grab hold of his likeness 
       C                             G 
In the morning all the found was his frozen corpse 
       D                   G 
At the butt of the Curragh line 
       D                              G 
At the wake they were lashing out the drops of brandy 
The aul-fashioned habit 
       D                             G 
In the church they were lashing down pounds and fivers 
   C                          D          G 
So Matty would be fine in the old by and by 

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