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Dunnes Stores Acordes

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Dunnes Stores

Capo en el 5º traste

Close your eyes and come with me back to 1984 
We'll take a walk down Henry Street to Dunnes department store 
Dm                 Am           Dm               Am 
The supermarket is busy and the registers make a din 
Am                       C           Em                 E 
The groceries go rolling out and the cash comes rolling in 

Mary Manning is at the checkout and she's trying to keep warm 
When a customer comes up to her with a basket on her arm 
Am                  Dm            Am            Dm 
The contents of the basket Mary's future was to shape 
        Am            C       Em             E 
For the label clearly stated "Produce of the Cape" 

’I can't check out your oranges missus now won’t you bring them back 
For they come from South Africa where white oppresses black 
Am                Dm               Am             Dm 
I'd have it on my conscience and I couldn't sleep at night 
     Am               C           Em                    E 
If I helped support a system that denies black people's rights� 

Our union says don't handle them it's the least that we can do 
We fought oppression here for centuries we'll help them fight it too 
Am           Dm              Am           Dm 
The managers descended in an avalanche of suits 
Am           C         Em                  E 
And Mary was suspended 'cause she wouldn't touch the fruits 

Am             Em             Am 
Dunnes Stores, Dunnes Stores, Dunnes Stores 
       C              Em               Am   Am C Em Am 
In St. Bernard better value beats them all 

Her friends were all behind her and the union gave support 
They called a strike and their pickets brought all Dunnes stores to a halt 
Am                  Dm             Am                Dm 
No-one was going to tell the boss, what he bought or sold 
Am                   C        Em              E 
These women are only workers, they must do as they are told 

Isn't that just typical of Apartheid’s cruel law 
It's not just in South Africa, the rich trampling the poor 
Am                 Dm                   Am              Dm 
He wouldn't have a boycott, he couldn't give a Tinker's curse 
 Am                      C                 Em                      E 
It doesn't matter how he fills the shelves so long as he lines his purse 

Am The messages came rolling from all around the world Am For such concern and sacrifice, and for courage brave and bold Am Dm Am Dm When fourteen months were over ten women and a man Am C Em E Had helped to raise black consciousness all around the land Am Clery's in O'Connell Street wouldn't sell South African shoes Am Bestman sent all their clothes back, Roche's stores their booze Am Dm Am Dm Until all South Africa goods were taken off the shelves in Dunnes Am C Em E Mary Manning was down in Henry Street, sticking to her guns
(Chorus) Dunnes stores in St. Bernard better value beats them all.

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