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Christy Moore



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Cry Like A Man

G                       G                   D             G 
Take a look around you, how much longer can you live this way 

C            G       C         G        C         G              D 
trash on the floor, from weeks before, just gets deeper by the day, 

Em                   D              G           C           Am 
cant let go of that foolish pride, you keep it locked up in-side 

G                       C           D          G 
time to face the pain, stand up and cry like a man 

G                                  G                      D         G 
There's no one left to blame now, she had her reason why she had to go 

C                 G        C                 G     C             G           D 
the feelings you hid, the love you couldn't give, kept her from touchin your soul. 

Em                          D                G                    C            Am 
you got to break down that fortress inside, and surrender to the tears in your eyes, 

G                       C           D          G 
you'll never be free again, til you cry like a man 

Em                         C         G          C                        G 
Theres no shame in letting teardrops fall,its a good thing it'll be alright 

Em                         G     Em    C                       C 
a little rain can make the trees grow tall, you've got to be strong, 

     G           D          G 
so stand up and cry like a man 

G                                G                 D        G 
You know shes gone for good now,your love is torn beyond repair 

C            G           C            G     C             G         D 
theres not a trace of a tear on your face, there ought to be some there 
Em                        D                  G                                   C             Am 
those deep emotions you keep in the dark,if you dont let them out there goin to tear up your heart 

G                       C           D          G 
you'll never be free again til you cry like a man 

     C           D          G 
So Stand Up and Cry Like a Man 

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