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Blantyre Explosion

Capo en el 5º traste

Intro:  Am  G  Fm  Em      Am  G  Fm  Em 
        Am  G  Fm  Em      Am  G  Fm  Em 

     Am             G            C         Em     Em 
 By Clyde's bonny banks,  As I slowly did wander 
  C             D               Em          Am    Am 
 Among the pit heaps,  As the evening grew nigh 
    Am            G            C                Em     Em 
 I spied a young woman,  All dressed in black mourning 
   C           D             Em      Am    Am 
 Weeping and wailing,   With many a sigh 

     Am         G               C         Em       Em 
 I stepped up beside her,  And gently addressed her 
          Am           G                C            Em    Em 
 Would it help you to talk,  About the cause of your pain 
  Am           G           C            Em      Em 
 Weeping and wailing,  At last she did answer 
         C            D            Em          Am    Am 
 Johnny Murphy, Kind sir,   Is my true lovers name 

        Am            G             C              Em     Em 
 Twenty-one years of age,  Full of youth and good lookin' 
     C             D              Em          Am     Am 
 To work down the mine,  Of High Blantyre he came 
      Am           G               C           Em      Em 
 Our wedding was fixed,  All the guests were invited 
       C              D           Em         Am    Am 
 That calm summers' evening,  My Johnny was slain 

        Am          G              C          Em      Em 
 The explosion was heard,  By the women and children 
      Am            G            C         Em      Em 
 With pale anxious faces,  They ran to the mine 
          Am             G               C                Em     Em 
 When the news was made known,  All the hills rang with mourning 
         C          D              Em          Am    Am 
 Three hundred and ten,  Scottish miners were slain 

   Am           G              C              Em      Em 
 Mothers and daughters,  And sweethearts and lovers 
       Am        G              C     Em    Em 
 The Blantyre explosion,  Will never forget 
 Am            G             C           Em    Em 
 All you good people,  That hear my sad story 
    C           D          Em           Am    Am 
 Remember the miners,  Who lie at their rest 

 OUTRO:  Am  G  Fm  Em      Am  G  Fm  Em 
         Am  G  Fm  Em      Am  G  Fm  Em   Am 

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