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Some Things Never Change Acordes

Chris LeDoux

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Some Things Never Change

	  Some Things Never Change, by Jennifer Pierce & Garth Brooks as performed by  
Chris LeDoux & Garth Brooks, from Chris LeDoux's album, "After the  
Storm", transcribed by Diron Lacina Ahlquist, June 2002.  Play with a nice  
easy strum. 
CRisin' time's at Gfive, the Fred sun is still Csleepin'  
My Fpillow is my Csaddle, the Gstars are my ceilin'  
My Cwhole body's Gachin', I got a Fyoung colt needin' Cbreakin'  
But ya Fknow I can't comCplain, Fthank God Gsome things never Cchange G  
CThere's a storm somewhere that's Gbrewin' as Fthese old bones are Ccreakin'  
The Fcows will soon be Cdown and Fthat old roof a Gleakin'  
Got a Ctruck that needs some Gtendin' and some Ffences needin' Cmendin'  
And I Fknow it must sound Cstrange, but Fthank God Gsome things never Cchange G  
They Ffenced in all the free land and Coil wells run the range  
FLong gone are the cattle drives since they Cbrought in the trains  
But the Dmhard work and the Ffriendships still reCmain  
FThank God Gsome things never Cchange. G  
COut here where Gnature rules each Fday's a different Cbattle  
And Fit still takes a Cman Gworkin' in the saddle  
No machCine can break a Gbay or Fbring in a lonely Cstray  
So I Fguess I will reCmain, Fthank God Gsome things never Cchange. G  
Yeah it Flooks like this old cowboy will reGmain  
FThank God Gsome things never Cchange. 


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