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Pretty Woman Acordes

Chris Isaak



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Pretty Woman

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Riff 1: e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|----------0--| A|--------2----| E|--0-0-4------| Riff 2: e|-------------------| B|-------------------| G|-------------------| D|----------0-4-2-0--| A|--------2----------| E|--0-0-4------------|
Intro: Riff 1 played twice Riff 2 played four times Verse 1: A F#m Pretty woman, walking down the street. A F#m Pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet. D E Pretty woman, I don't believe you, you're not the truth. (Riff 2 4x) No one could look as good as you. Verse 2: A F#m Pretty woman, won't you pardon me? A F#m Pretty woman, I couldn't help but see. D E Pretty woman, that you look lovely as can be. (Riff 2 x4) Are you lonely just like me? Bridge: Dm G7 C Am Pretty woman, stop a while. Pretty woman, talk a while. Dm G7 C Pretty woman, give your smile to me. Dm G7 C Am Pretty woman, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pretty woman, look my way. Dm G7 C A Pretty woman, say you'll stay with me. F#m D E 'Cause I need you, I'll treat you right. A F#m D E Come with my baby, be mine tonight. Verse 3: A F#m Pretty woman, don't walk on by. A F#m Pretty woman, don't make me cry. D E Pretty woman, don't walk away. Hey. Okay. E If that's the way it must be, okay. E I guess I'll go on home it's late, maybe tomorrow night but wait. E (Riff 1 2x) What do I see? E (Riff 2 til end of song Is she walking back to me? E Yeah, she's walking back to me. E A A Oh, oh pretty woman.

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