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Rise And Fall Acordes

Chris Hillman

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Rise And Fall

	   D                     C       G                 D 
 Running high running low it's down the road we go 
         C           D 
And it's hard  hard time 
 D                     C                G              D 
Can't you see where we been you know we can't do that again 
         C         D 
But it's hard hard times 
D                     C        G                   D 
Through the long dark night we kept our hopes held high 
         C                              D 
Hopin to find what we'd all been prayin for 
                         C             G             D 
On a pathway filled with lies we still manage to get by 
         C          D 
But it's hard hard times 
           A                 F               G               D 
And it's a run for the money run down to the show to rock n roll 
           A                  F              G               D 
After all these years of tryin tell me is it really worth it all to  
rise and fall 
                      C       G           D 
And it all goes by so fast it hardly ever lasts 
                    C                 D 
And there's  always someone who wants more 
     D                C           G                D 
And this feeling deep inside I've tried so long to hide 
         C         D 
But it's hard hard time 
From Souther Hillman Furay "SHF" 
Asylum Records 1974 


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