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Here She Comes Again Acordes

Chris Hillman



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Here She Comes Again

G        C      G    C 
Here she comes again 
              F             C 
Although I’ve fallen once before 
  Em         Am      Em 
I just can’t help myself 
        F                 G 
And I’m goin’ for it once more 

And she’ll win again 
I know she’ll take my heart and soul 
She’ll leave me lyin’ there 
        F                 C  Bm 
And I’m goin’ for it once more 

Am D Am D You can think it all out, say you’ll never do it again F When your lovin’ baby move a little closer G No sense tryin’ to pretend
Here she comes again Now I know I’ll fall into her arms I just can’t help myself And I’m goin’ for it once more Chorus verse 1

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