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These Girls

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	  verse 1: Childish Gambino 
G                             D 
We are really close and this party's really loud 
          Am                            D 
We should go outside and talk, better yet, let's take a cab 
       G                       D 
We're kissing in the back, my apartment's pretty close 
      Am                           D 
Baby, let me make you breakfast, an omelet with some toast 
  G                         D 
These girls are on my mind, wasn't my design 
      Am                             D 
To be sitting here across from you, pretending I ain't lyin' 
  G                          D 
I know exactly how you feel, I wanna keep it real 
Am                          D 
I never thought that I'd be working for the start cause 

Hook: Garfunkel & Oates 
G                 D 
These girls have all the best of me 
Am         D    
I bet that I will lose it all 
G                 D 
These girls have all the best of me 
Am         D 
I bet that I will lose it all 
G               D 
I know this thing will never last 
Am         D 
I need to tear it all apart 
G                 D 
These girls have all the best of me 
Am         D       
I bet that I can lose it all 

verse 2: Childish Gambino 
I don't have the heart - fuck it, I don't have the head 
Every time that we're apart, someone's sleepin' in my bed 
I wanna be alone, I wanna be alone 
This fame and fortune shit shows me things I wasn't knownin' 
You're my biggest fan, I promise to be there 
I wanna be that guy, but I don't think I can 
I'm losin' everything, I wanna let it go 
I wanna take it right and slow because 

Hook: Garfunkel & Oates 

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