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Spinning Wheel

(David Clayton-Thomas )

Introd.: D7/9  

E7        A7 D7        G  
What goes up must come down 
E7       A7    D7        G  
Spinning Wheel got to go round 
E7                A7              D7     G  
Talkin 'bout your trouble sit's a crying sin 
Ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin  

E7         A7     D7         G  
You got no money, you got no home 
E7       A7    D7  G 
Spinning Wheel all alone 
E7                A7           D7        G  
Talkin 'bout your troubles and you never learn 
D7                               D7/9+   
Ride a painted pony letthe spinning wheel turn 
C                 A# 
Did you find your directing sign 


G#           A# 
Would you mind a reflecting sign 
G#                G  
Just let it shine, with in your mind 
G#/A#              C    D9  
And show you the colors that are real 
Verse three 
E7         A7      D7       G  
Someone is waiting just for you  
E7       A7    D7       G  
Spinning Wheel spinning true  
E7            A7              D7   G  
Drop all your troubles by the riverside  
D7                              D7/9+              E7 A7 D7 G 
Catch a painted pony on the spinning wheel ride 

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