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Paradise In Troubled Waters Acordes

Cheryl Wheeler

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Paradise In Troubled Waters

	  F                  G   
Winter's voice had barely spoken 
Em           F 
Everyone was bummed and broken 
F            G                  C  F G 
Hangin' onto yhreads the way we do 
F                   G  
Shielding eyes from TV screens 
Em           F 
With African starvation scenes 
And photographs in magazines 
    F          G          C    F G 
Of things that can't seem true 
Paradise In Troubled Waters 
F          G 
Situation grim 
And we the reckless sons and daughters 
F                  G 
Spread the luck so thin 
Oh, the gross results and chain reaction 
F             G 
Too late understood 
F                G 
Leave us in embarrassed silence 
F               G 
Wishing that we could 
Make the difference, see the light 
          F              G 
Carry the flag, lead the fight 
Save the whales, save the seals 
         F                   G 
Save the trees and birds and fields 
              Fadd B C  F  G 
And save each other 
F                        G 
So we read the news with helpless eyes 
Em                   F 
And look for ways to compromise 
F                   G              C  F G 
But mostly, we just do the best we can 
      F              G 
Is it just a part of what we are 
   Em                F 
To want too much and go too far 
F                       G 
And contemplate with no regard 
F             G        C  F  G 
What we don't understand 


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