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Build Me Up Buttercup

	               G         Bm 
Why do you build me up buttercup baby, 
           C               D 
don't you let me down and mess me around. 
          G               Bm 
And then worst of all you never call baby, 
          C                D 
when you say you will, but I love you still. 

        G             F 
I need you more than anyone darling, 
      C               Cm 
you know that I have from the start. 
  G           D 
Build me up, buttercup, 
                C     G/B Am G D 
don't break my heart. 

        G             D           F         C 
I'll be over at ten, you told me time and again. 
               G             C 
I know you're late, I wait around and then 
   G           D            F       C 
I run to the door, I can't take anymore. 
        G                  C          C/B 
But I know you you let me down again. 
Am            D 
 Baby, baby, try to find 
Bm                   E 
 a little baby that makes me happy. 
G                       A                      D 
I'll be strong, I'll be all night waiting for you. 

Why do you build me up... 

I need you more than... 

I'll be over at ten, you told... 

I need you more than... 
I'll be over at ten, you told...

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