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Wonderful Day

F             C/E     Bb           F 
In this happy Day  Christ baptized you 
F                        C/E 
He anointed you in God´ way 
Bb         Gm             C 
Our church grows With you too 
Bb                C/E 
Your parents and friends 
     Am               Dm 
With your baptism are glad 
Gm                 C 
Your godmother and godfather 
         Bb   Gm        Cm 
In God´ name bless you ever 
 Bb         C/Bb  Am        Dm 
Around  the font  our great party 
Gm           C        C7          F 
Our faith is grounded in the Trinity 
          B/F           C/Bb 
Wonderful day    in our life 
            Am           Dm/A 
God be with you, in your side 
Gm        C                Cm 
Peace and happiness is our prayer 
          B/F         C/Bb 
Wonderful day in our life 
            Am          Dm/A 
God be with you in your side 
Gm              C                F 
Your dreams and life God bless forever 

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