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Am          Em 
I've been a moonshiner 

Am            Em 
For seventeen long years 

Am             Em 
I spend all my money on whiskey and beer 

Am      Em 
I go to some hollow 

Am                  Em 
And set up my holy, holy still 

Am                 Em 
If drinking do not kill me 

Am                Em 
Then I don't know what will 

Am           Em 
I go to some bar room  

Am             Em 
And drink with my friends 

Am                         Em 
See if women and men would come to follow 

Am            Em 
To see what I might spend 

Am                      Em 
God bless them handsome men 

Am              Em 
I wish they was mine 

Am              Em 
Their breath is as sweet as 

Am                   Em 
The dew on the holy, holy vine 

You're already in hell 

You're already in hell 

                Am            Em         
I wish we could go to hell 

Am                   Em 
When the bottle gets empty, 

Am                        Em 
Then life ain't worth the drown 

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