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Evacuate The Dance Floor Acordes




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Evacuate The Dance Floor

	  (versão acústica) 

(verse 1) 
Dm                          Bb         A 
Turn up the music Let's get out on the floor 
Dm                           Bb           A 
I'll let it move it Come and give me some more 
Dm                            Bb     A 
Watch me getting physical and out of control 
Bb                         A 
There's people watching me I never miss a beat 

(verse 2) 
Dm        A              Bb             A 
Steal the night Kill the lights Feel it under your skin 
Dm      A             Bb              A 
Time is right Keep it tight Cos it's pulling you in 
Dm      A        Bb             A           Gm     A  Bb  C 
Wrap it up Can't stop cos it feels like a overdose 

Bb C Gm Bb* Oh, oh, evacuate the dancefloor Bb C Gm Dm Oh, oh, I'm infected by the sound 2x Bb C Gm Bb* Oh, oh, stop, this beat is killing me Bb C Gm A Hey Mister DJ let the music take me underground
(verse 3) Dm Bb A My body's aching System overload Dm Bb A Temperature's rising I'm about to explode Dm Bb A Watch me I'm intoxicated Taking the show Bb A It got me hypnotized Everybody step aside (verse 2) (Chorus)

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