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My Ship Acordes

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My Ship

(Ira Gershwin and Kurt Weill)

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       F6/9      D7/9-            G13       Csus9 
My ship has sails that are made of silk 
C9   F6/9              D7/9+ Cm5-/7 Bm5-/7 Bb7 
The decks are trimmed    with      gold 
            Am7/11 D5+/7/9+        Gm11 Bbm7+  Dm11 Abm7+ Gm7 C7/9- 
And of jam and spice there a  paradise in the hold 
       F6/9   D7/9-            G13      Csus9  C9   F6/9   D7/9+ Cm5-/7 Bm5-/7 Bb7 
My ship aglow with a million pearls   and rubies fill       each      bin 
       Amn7/11 D5+/7/9+ Gm11     Bbm7+  Eb9/11+  Dm11  Abm7+ Csus9 F 
The sun sits    high in a  sapphire sky         when my ship     comes    in 
I can wait the years till it apears 
Gm7       Bbm6    F7M    Bm5-/7 
One fine day one spring 
E7/9-    Am7         Dm7 
But the pearls and such  
         Am7            Dm7                 Am7/11 D11+/13 Gsus9  G13 Csus9  
They won mean much if there missing                 just      one  thing 
C7/13-  F6/9    D7/9-         G13     Csus9 
I            do not care if that day  arrives  
C9     F6/9           D7/9+  Cm5-/7  Bm5-/7  Bb7         Am7/11 
That dream need ne         be                 if the ship 
   D5+/7/9+    Gm11  Bbm7+  Eb9/11+  Dm7       C7       F7M F#dim7 Gm7 
I sing doesn also    bring       my           own true love to me 
C7     F7M/9  Dm7            Bb7M   Eb13(sus)  Eb7/9  Am7  Ab7/13 Gm7  C7/9- F6 
If the ship I   sing doesn also      bring        my      own   true       love   to       me 

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