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Nostalgia (that's What Rock'n'roll Is All About) Acordes

Caetano Veloso



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Nostalgia (that's What Rock'n'roll Is All About)

(Caetano Veloso)

	  Intro: E E7) A A# B 

(E E7) 
You sing about waking up in the morning 
But you're never up before noon 
(A A7) 
You look completely different from those straights 
Who walked around on the moon 
The clothes you wear 
      A7                   (E E7) 
Would suit an old times baloon 
You're always nowhere 
    A7                     (E E7) 
But you'll realize pretty soon 
That all that you care 
A7                        (E E7) A A# B 
Isn't worth a twelve bar tune 

(E E7) 
You believe you're just one more flower 
Among so many flowers that sprout 
              (A A7) 
You just feel faintly proud when you hear they shout 
Very loud, "You're not allowed in here, get out" 
B7                  A7           (E E7) 
That's what rock'n'roll is all about 
B7                  A7           (E E7) 
That's what rock'n'roll is all about 
          B7                A7            E 
I mean, that's what rock'n'roll was all about 

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