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Above And Beyond Acordes

Buck Owens



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Above And Beyond

	   C                              G7            
Well I'll give you love that's above 
     C                 F 
and beyond the call of love 
      C                      G7 
And I'll never ever make you cry 
                   C            G7 
Yes I'll give you love that's above  
     C                  F 
And beyond the call of love 
     C                    G7          C 
And love's something that money can't buy 

Well a poor boy's chances for a pretty girl's glances  
     C              G7 
Are sometimes very few 
         C                            F 
Although I've got no money if you'll be my honey  
       C          G7    C 
Here's what I'll offer you 


Well we met by chance and I knew at a glance  
    C           G7 
I'd found my destiny 
 C                   F 
I want to carry you off and marry you  
C       G7    C 
If you will agree 


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