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You're Still Beautiful To Me Acordes

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You're Still Beautiful To Me

	  D                                        D/G  D  D/G  D 
Turn out the lights and close the door 
D                                                  D D/G  D  D/G  D  
Put your head on the pillow let me keep you warm 
D                                    D D/G  D  D/G  D  
I water my hands across your face 
D                                               D D/G  D  D/G  D  
Yeah, lying beside you still the perfect place 
Bm             A       Bm                  D     D D/G  
We're going strong So glad that cha came along 
      A                                  D   Bm  A   
And every way you're still beautiful to me 
Lay back baby and close your eyes 
Let me do everything your heart desires 
When I think of the years of making love to you 
It still ain't nothing that I would rather do 
D                        Bm              A 
If there's if there's something I can't deny 
     Bm                         D    D D/G   
You sure know how to move this guy 
             A                                D                             
And baby, every way you're still beautiful to me 
A                     D           Bm  
"still feels good"  "Yeah, yeah" still feels good 
     A                  Bm 
It still runs deep when you get close babe 
    A                  Bm                      A 
I still get weak cause in these eyes is where you belong 
Bm            A        Bm                   D 
Still going strong so glad that you came along 
     Bm                 A 
Hey baby you're still number one 
Bm                  A                  D   D D/G     
Yeah, you'll always be so beautiful to me uh huh 
A                                       D  Bm A D Bm 
In every way  you're still beautiful to me

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